Out of a total of 68 large-scale cultural cooperation projects submitted, the European Union approved 20 projects. One of them is 'Feminist Futures' of arts centre BUDA from Kortrijk and the European network APAP. This will enable BUDA to continue and expand its international operations with artists who are creating new performances in the BUDA studios over the next four years, as well as a structural collaboration in Brazil, and to share that work with a broad public.


For 'Feminist Futures' BUDA arts centre collaborates within the European network APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project) with festivals, theatres and arts centres from Reykjavik (IS), Lisbon (PT), Amiens (FR), Salzburg (AT), Bergen (NO), Dro (IT), Warsaw (PL), Belgrade (RS), 's-Hertogenbosch (NL) and Berlin (DE).

A total of 12 artists/companies are supported by the network, including the Ghent collective buren who have already worked for BUDA. Together they choose 8 more artists who will be supported in the next 4 years with residencies, co-productions and international presentation opportunities.

Mathilde Villeneuve (artistic director of BUDA): "New within this network is the collaboration with the Maré Arts Center of Lia Rodrigues in Rio de Janeiro. Lia is one of the most important choreographers in South America. Her centre is located in one of the largest favelas in Rio de Janeiro and has become a leader when it comes to taking a position between art and the social, or between the community-forming and the political. We will allow dancers from her centre to work here, and artists from here will get to know a whole new context. This is how we learn from each other. This notion of 'learning together' is an important point of departure within the whole project".

The approved project 'Feminist Futures' aims to strengthen a new generation of artists in making socially relevant projects and then showing them all over Europe, but the project also strengthens the exchange between art institutions.

Kristof Jonckheere (director): "The approval of this project not only means financial support, it also helps BUDA to further develop its international network. In just fifteen years, the Kortrijk Buda Island has become one of the largest workspaces for theatre and dance in Belgium. In 2019, 64 national and international theatre and dance companies worked here on new productions and performances created at BUDA were performed 390 times all over Europe. But perhaps even more important within 'Feminist Futures is the desire to give more voice to individuals and communities who are currently under-represented or too marginalised. Critical and a-typical voices. Those voices will be heard at a joint European festival touring around and landing in Kortrijk in 2023 under the name 'Everybody's Sisters Europe'".

In addition to the APAP network, BUDA is also involved in the European networks Europa Cinemas (to promote European cinema) and Be SpectACTive (around participatory projects).