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In The Stain, Maria Jerez brings together things that are not meant to be together. And she does this with the help of a carpenter, a musician, a painter, a baker and a light designer. 

Bodies that enter other bodies, this morning, bodies that are not meant to be together, I was on the radio, beings of different nature that cohabit in the same space and I wondered, coexistence of the difference that creates friction between the different materials, if there was a plant, bodies inside bodies, in the kitchen, pieces of bodies that come out of bodies, of the person who listens to the radio; logics out of context. They say, presences out of place, that when, spaces invaded by other substances, plants listen to low frequencies, spaces of negotiation, these frequencies, border areas, favor germination, spaces of co-evolution, growth, spaces of indifference and the health of the roots. The high ones, on the contrary, seem to have an inhibiting effect.

The Stain is part of the research project The paradoxical being with mixed-up hairs.