• in frame of: Almost Summer Festival
  • duration: 55 min.
  • tickets: €7 / €18 dayticket
  • book tickets: through this link

Pivoting away from the hyperactive use of contemporary technologies, The Senders creates a synesthetic experience that stimulates curiosity and wonder. It allows one to experience an amplified, invisible, multi-layered reality.

The work extends the range of our senses and sensitivities by emphasizing empathy and profound listening to both human and non-human forms of life. 

Protocols based on touch stimulate the inter-connective body in an environment of sounds, smells, images and alchemical processes. 

The work is related to an 'education of the future' that strives for a world and society where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all (inter)action. It emphasizes sensuous knowledge production that arises from a post-economic, ecological consciousness.

Those who like to stay and enjoy our summer bar after the shows and miss their train will have the opportunity on 21 and 22 June to pitch their tent on our DIY Summer Camping!
  • Concept: Stav Yeini
  • Space design, interactive installation: Nimrod Astarhan
  • Video: Siet Rae
  • Sound: Christina Vantzou & Stav Yeini
  • Alchemy, scents: Ayin De Sela
  • Fermentation, taste: Andrew Hardwidge
  • Dance, performance: Mikko Hyvönen, Ezra Fieremans
  • Supported by: Buda Arts Centre, STUK, workspacebrussels
  • Thanks to: Rasa Alksnyte, Linnéa Martinson, Joeri Thiry, Noam, Anat, Arad, Nektar Yeini, YAELAVAN Dagan