• in frame of: Almost Summer Festival
  • duration: 1h51
  • In English, Dutch subtitles
  • Garden Broelkaai 6
  • tickets: free
  • book tickets: through this link

Cassius Green, a black man in California, is in debt and out of despair he takes on the first best job - as a telemarketer. However, the people who get Cassius on the line do not want to speak to him. After he is advised to use his white voice, he immediately achieves enormous success. He is promoted by his mysterious - and cocaine sniffing - boss, to the great displeasure of Cassius' girlfriend, who is an activist.

The special Sorry to Bother You starts as a subtle comedy and ends in an absurd satire. Inventive and sharp for fans of wonderboy Jordan Peele and the series Black Mirror. Be surprised!