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Is ostentation a way to survive or to get in tune with the environment ? Is megalomaniac ostentation a recent or an ancient phenomenon ? Sophia Rodríguez is fascinated by the movements and actions of people when they take up a social role. In Ostentation Project she examines the Venezuelan layers of meaning generated by (female) bodies in the physical and social spaces of our capitalist society.

Which images are projected on us, which images do we create ourselves ? The performance wants to find out which connections, emotions and fantasies originate from the relationship between a person and the objects he or she identifies with. On stage Rodríguez appropriates known social roles and practises them herself -but without identifying with them. The clever Ostentation Project makes you part of a game in which the boundary between being and representing is fading.

Sophia Rodríguez is a multi-talent : actress, dancer, fighter, circus artist and physical trainer. She concentrates on the transfer of body knowledge and started up artistic and social projects in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Egypt, Ukraine, Sweden and Belgium. In recent years she has been working from Brussels where she could be seen at Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the Bâtard Festival.


Wednesday 25/11 from 15h until 18h - Budascoop Kortrijk
No experience required / Free
Register: famke.struyve@budakortrijk.be 


  1. Budascoop Zaal 2