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  • tickets: €10 / €8 (-26/+65/pro)
  • reservations: online

In a white space lit by neon lamps, a young woman sits on a rubber mat. A fragrant mist reminds you of pinecones and resin, while soft, trance-like music plays. In this performance about information fast food, vanity, fiction and the urge for affirmation, the artistic duo Sarah & Charles goes in search of the ultimate form of submission. In an age in which social media and the Internet are expanding our view of the world, our minds appear to be narrowing emotionally. The more we know, the less we understand. The performers invite you to a creative wellness centre where you can put your decision-making on hold.

Sarah & Charles' (1981 and 1979, Brussels) work is pre-eminently multidisciplinary: installations, sculptures and videos alternate with soundscapes, performances and photographic works. In recent years they have worked intensively on art in public space and created various scenographic concepts. Their ideas are objectified in archetypes and translated into an abstract visual language, to eventually evoke recognition through the participation of the viewer.
  • A Performance by: Sarah & Charles
  • Developed and choreographed in collaboration with: Siet Raeymaekers
  • Performed by: Siet Raeymaekers & Jeanne Colin
  • Music by: The KLF 'Madrugade eterna', Hiroshi Yoshimura 'Feel', Headband 'Navigator', 'Magnetic Earth', James Ferraro 'Suki Girlz 10' & KII2 'Ecology'
  • Video & Set design by: Sarah & Charles
  • Produced by: Untitled Production
  • With the support of: Vlaamse Overheid