• Installation & reading
  • Première
  • Location: Budascoop
  • EN spoken
  • Reservation readings: free | online

ROT GARDEN/Sara Manente with Jeroen Peeters, Sofie Durnez, Deborah Robbiano, Christophe Albertijn, Eriks Ashmanis, Ferran Mesa Turo, Sina Seifee and Kristien van de Brande + Paz Rojo

A 4 days landscape of sounds, scents, texts, textures and dances.

ROT Garden is an invitation to hang out in a space where things with different durations and intensities become public. A garden is a place to contemplate, wander, spend time on one's own, or experience nature in a dedicated way. The events in ROT Garden unfold from ROT Issue Zero, a magazine initiated from artistic practices engaging technologies of fermentation, creating encounters of live arts and live cultures. The magazine functions as a catalogue preceding the exhibition and works as a catalyst for different programmes.

In BUDA, the garden will stay open for four days with installations by Deborah Robbiano and Sofie Durnez, daily readings by Jeroen Peeters, a conversation between Kristien Van De Brande and Sina Seifee, sound by Christophe Albertijn, a pickle bar by Eriks Ashmanis and Ferran Mesa Turo' and the dance performance ECLIPSE : MUNDO by Paz Rojo. The visitor is invited to spend time with us and wander in a library of things to read, smell, listen, touch, look at and taste.


Choreographer, dancer and researcher based in Brussels, Sara Manente, holds a master degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna and attended both the post master and the Research Center programmes of a.pass/advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels. Her projects are developed throughout hybrid research and become public in different formats: such as choreographic pieces, films, texts, interviews, events, workshops.

ROT Garden is an ongoing installation with a reading each day:
10 June: Jeroen Peeters at 18h
11 June: Jeroen Peeters at 18h
12 June: Jeroen Peeters at 18h - At 19h we welcome you at the Picklesbar, at 20h15 you can see the performance of Paz Rojo.
13 June: Kristien Van den Brande & Sina Seifee at 16h

At 19:00 we welcome you in the Picklesbar, at 20:15 you can see the performance of Paz Rojo.

  • Readings: Jeroen Peeters
  • Ruins and scents: Sofie Durnez
  • Flowers and jellies: Deborah Robbiano
  • Conversation: Kristien Van de Brande & Sina Seifee
  • Sounds: Christophe Albertijn
  • Dance performance: Par Rojo: 'Eclipse: Mundo'
  • Pickle bar: Eriks Ahsmanis & Ferran Mesa Turo
  • Gardener and editor: Sara Manente
  • Thanks to: Hiros vzw
  • With the support of: kunstencentrum BUDA