Yasmine Yahiatene (FR)

Yasmine Yahiatene studied at the Beaux Arts in Tournai, from where she graduated with honours. As her work, research and questioning evolved, she learned to use video to open up a new and much wider field of possibilities. She creates and joins the Collective OXO in 2018, works with the company ZA! in digital scenography since 2017. Her project La Fracture is a more personal project that tends to mix the use of video and work related to the body in an idea of performance in a live show. Her project La Fracture is a more personal project in live performance.

Yasmine Yahiatene (FR): La Fracture

The fracture: No matter how old I am, I will always be the child his father left behind.

"Sometimes things go wrong. When they come into life, they can almost always be solved. But when they arrive inside a person, they are more difficult to repair."
Richard Wagamese in "The stars die out at dawn"

Today, she decides to face her demons to move forward. She will first work in a deeply introspective way and then make the link between the intimate and the social. She will experience writing in solitude, confrontation, and finally the body in space.

How can we build on an unknown past?
How to mourn the loss of a person who is still alive, and especially why?

The Fracture is a project in collaboration with Citylab Pianofabriek in 2020.

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