Wouter Krokaert (BE)

Wouter Krokaert studied graphic design in Brussels, but very soon turned out to be dancing and performing for (a.o.) Meg Stuart, Gary Hill, Rachid Ouramdane, Yukiko Shinozaki en Heine Avdal, Pieter Ampe, Marc Vanrunxt and (quite often) Christian Rizzo. Meanwhile he kept on making drawings for, a.o. educational services of museums, expostions, projects for other people or his own books. In Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine by the Norwegian artist Mette Edvardsen hij became ‘a living book.’ In 2013 he created the performance Kanttekeningen at De Pianofabriek and from 2015 onwards he’s teaching mixed media at Sint-Lucas architecture Brussel and Gent.

Wouter Krokaert (BE): ‘Composities in het wilde weg’

He’s now working on a research project for the first time at the BUDA-studios, using different media to unravel the landscape. Drawing, taking photos and performing focus on different aspects of the bigger picture. A next step will be the creation of objects to bring together all these different observations…

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