Vilma Pitrinaite (LT/BE)

Vilma Pitrinaite - choreographer, dancer (LT/BE)  started her career in Aura dance theatre, after studied choreography in France. She colaborated as a dancer and actor with companies such as Zampa, François Verret, Philippe Grandrieux, Karim Bel Kacem, Hubert Colas, Vincent Thomasset, Mossoux-Bonté, Dame de Pic. Now, she mainly works on on her own projects based on research and interdisciplinarity, primitive and novelty dances, internet culture codes.

Vilma Pitrinaite (LT/BE): MATCH

MATCH explores competition - a defining feature of neoliberalism,determining not just the market economy but our dailylives, work and relationships. It explores the competition throughgrotesque displays of ego and aggression, connecting the social,the animal, and the national. To sustain, it requires a kind of equilibrium- if one player starts to gain, the conclusion is foregone andthe competition is over.Two players find themselves mirroring and merging, discoveringdifferences as they attempt to reach the same image and uncoveringthe more subtle manifestations of competition - constant judgmentand comparison between individuals.

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