Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki & Tanja Ribarska (MK)

Three Macedonian artists come to Kortrijk to work at BUDA arts centre for the first time. They know each other quite a while, but never collaborated till now.

The young dancer-choreographer Viktorija Ilioska has a degree in contemporary dance pedagogy and has been chosen for a Dance Web Scholarship Program in Vienna under the mentorship of Chris Haring and David Wampach.

Kliment Poposki obtained his actor training at the National Theatre Drama School in Melbourne works in Macedonia as a performer and cultural worker.

Audio-visual artist Tanja Ribarska graduated at Film & TV Editing in Skopje, and is credited as editor for the renowned short movie Bit Player directed by Igor Aleksov. She also produces short documentaries and music videos in collaboration with different artists.

Due to the partnership of Lokomotiva (Centre for New Initiatives for Art & Culture, Skopje) with the European network APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project), they now get the chance to create a piece togehter.

Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki & Tanja Ribarska (MK): The Cause of Disease

In Budatoren they start the final step in the creation of The Cause of Disease. After their work in Zagreb, they gather all elements to finalise and finish this performance on ‘restrictions and constraints’.

Their young homeland Macedonia gets flooded with laws and regulations that might help to construct a young democracy, but at the same time often become disfunctional for day-to-day life. They are fed up with “Not permitted!” and wonder how a world without restriction would look like…

Without doubt this performance empowers critical thinking!

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