Vera Tussing (DE/BE)

Vera Tussing graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2005 and never stopped working as a dancer and choreographer in Belgium, UK and across Europe since then. She worked at BUDA before, with Albert Quesada, creating Trilogy. Vera & Team have created several works, mainly exploring perception in performance. 

Vera Tussing (DE/BE): The Palm of Your Hand

Her new creation The Palm of Your Hand starts from an active, engaged, tactile connection between performer and audience. The audience themselves form the bounds of the theatrical space. The fourth wall becomes the skin… During their residency at BUDA they will focus on the technical set up for the creation.

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Vera Tussing (DE/BE): Both, Two 15.01.2018 - 21.01.2018 Budatoren