Vera Tussing (DE/BE)

Vera Tussing graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 2005 and never stopped working as a dancer and choreographer in Belgium, UK and across Europe since then. She worked at BUDA before, with Albert Quesada, creating Trilogy. Vera & Team have created several works, mainly exploring perception in performance. 

Vera Tussing (DE/BE): Both, Two

Together with Esse Vanderbruggen she works on her new performance Both, Two.

Where does a body begin? In our new creation, we take the duet form as a starting point. Tightly linked, two female bodies become one—or three, or none—a composite being with dynamic parts.

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Vera Tussing (DE/BE): The Palm of Your Hand 09.03.2015 - 20.03.2015 Budatoren