Venus Pop Grotto!: Nora Ramakers & Anna Luka da Silva (BE)

Venus Pop Grotto! is the performance collective of Nora Ramakers and Anna Luka da Silva. We share a deep desire to restore our physical connection with nature. Venus Pop Grotto! believes that the body has an irrational wisdom that the brain cannot grasp. Deep in the mud we like to dig for a fertile ground that empowers and restores the inexhaustible dance between all sultry life forms. Feminism, ecosexuality and spiritual emancipation constantly return in our work. Yet language always remains the starting point.

Venus Pop Grotto!: Nora Ramakers & Anna Luka da Silva (BE): LOVE NATURE

During our residency at BUDA we are doing research for our first digital work: iLove N@ture. iLove N@ture is a voluptuous webcam session in which NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness) entices its guests to crawl into a digital landscape where they discover the eco-erogeneous zones of the internet together. In a hot-blooded stream-of-online-consciousness of webs, worms, waves and clouds, NORA questions the relationship between man, technology and nature. During the residency we will focus on investigating the relationship between the digital database and our own 'physical' database.

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