Varinia Canto Vila: Ways to Exit - Maneras de Salir

Ways to Exit - Maneras de Salir explores means to expand the notions of space existing in the theatre black box. It hopes to treat the space of the theatre box as materiality for becoming other places and spaces existing outside of itself. Ways to Exit - Maneras de Salir is inspired by the idea of the body as a producer of space, therefore it takes the body as a site for suggesting places and spaces, hoping to constantly work around the question “where are we now ?”. One of its tools is based in practices of moving and talking at the same time, appealing to conceptions of space as used in topography and topology. It uses those conceptions of space to traduce them into choreographic organizations of words, movements, presences, absences, distances and time.

Ways to Exit - Maneras de Salir is its second research phase during the month of December 2018 in Buda Kortrijk. Its first research phase took place in Santiago de Chile during the month of October  2018.

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