Valentine Siboni (FR)

Born in 1987 and graduated in 2011 from the HEAR in Strasbourg (Fr) in 'Arts Hors-Format', Valentine is a performer, videographer and curator. She has worked collectively on the elaboration of performative events that question how to show performance with its temporal and spatial requirements and in different structures in France and Belgium. Her work revolves around issues such as landscape as a constrained nature, the difficulty of the artist to transmit and audiovisual capture as an attempt to expand space and immortalize time.

Valentine Siboni (FR): Hunter’s Lament - down to Memory lane

Hunter's Lament - down to Memory lane is a performative project that revolves around the appropriation of nature and art. From picking up a shell on a beach or a rock on a trail, to the rush of taking pictures of landscapes. We’re constantly collecting and thus - as she likes to phrase it - domesticating nature/life. This performance is a mediumnic wander/ballad  through filmic ghosts and occurrences of the past.

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