Urland (NL) & Eric Joris / Crew (BE)

The members of the Dutch performance collective Urland gradueted from the toneelacademie Maastricht (2012) with the renowned piece Quartet: a power ballad.

Since last year they started creating an Internettriloy. In Part 1: MSDOS/Prometheus bound (2014)  they searched for contrasts between and connections with the Prometheia of Aeschylus and the Internet. 

Urland (NL) & Eric Joris / Crew (BE): EXPLORER/Prometheus Ontketend

In Kortrijk, they start developping Part 2: EXPLORER/Prometheus Unchained.

For this performance Urland collaborates with CREW, the Brussels/Belgium-based performance group that worked at BUDA quite often (Crash, U_razende stilstand, O_Rex, W double u…).

During their residence at BUDA Arts Centre CREW and Urland wonder what has become of the utopian ideas of the early 1990s. A new (parallel) world is not only possible, it is already here. CREW and Urland want to re-enact this initial promise of the internet. How far can we push the limits of reality? And how far can we transform the body and/or make it dissapear? They question their own physical absence in Virtual Reality.

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