The Post Collective (BU/SYR/AU/GR/SO/IR)

The Post Collective is Mirra Markhaeva (Buryatia), Sawsan Maher (Syria), Marcus Bergner (Australia), Elli Vassalou (Greece), Mahammed Alimu (Somalia) and Hooman Jalidi (Iran).
The collective is an autonomous platform of co-creation, co-learning and cultural activism created by and for refugees, asylum seekers, sans papiers and accomplices. It introduces a range of artistic, cultural and employment opportunities, and provides a commoning environment for its members regardless of their legal status. Generative modes of dialogue and storytelling form the basis to its speculative and experiential approaches to art and design. The Post Collective develops creative alternatives beyond the dominate systems of control and exclusion it is facing. This means facilitating the position where its members do not struggle to be assimilated but instead rethink and re-conceptualize critically a future together as community.

Towards a Manual/Code/Manifesto of Care/Conduct/Ethics, including notes on CONTRADICTIONS

The post collective finds in Buda the space and the time for reflection, listening and writing their codes of caring, fair practices and governance model. 
They will reflect by using material from their past presentations, meeting recordings, notes and experiences, asking and seeking answers to difficult questions by discussing, mapping, illustrating and poetically recomposing them.

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