Thomas Ryckewaert (BE)

Theatre maker and actor Thomas Ryckewaert lives and works in Antwerp. He studied biology and philosophy at the KULeuven and dramatic arts at the theatre academy Dora van der Groen. Thomas’ work balances on the borders between theatre, dance and installation. In his recent productions he explores the dramatic potential of everyday actions. His work has been described as poetical, radical, visual and ritual. As a freelance actor he frequently works for theatre, film and television. He worked at the BUDA-studio’s before, creating Genesis, Portrait and Golem.

Thomas Ryckewaert: Move 37

In Move 37, Thomas Ryckewaert takes this moment as the starting point for a lecture performance about phenomena that are beyond human imagination. With cosmologist Thomas Hertog he presents an unusual lecture performance on the radically weird. They join on a trip through the dark, cool horror of the intelligent machine, the beauty of fading conventions on what is human at all, through time and space warped in black holes. In this lecture performance nothing is what it seems, human becomes alien, the computer intuitive, perception is deceived and the robot dreams.

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Thomas Ryckewaert (BE): Golem 17.10.2016 - 30.10.2016 Budatoren