Thiago Antunes (BR) & Leonie Kuipers (NL)

Thiago Antunes (BR) is a trans-disciplinary artist, with a background in dance and theatre, holding a Master in Theatre Studies (Unesp – Sao Paulo) and a Post-Master at A.PASS (Brussels). Since 2016, he has been working with participatory performances that interrogate bureaucracy and immigration. Among them, Inburgering in W, was presented in the Festivals ENTER (2018), BANG! (2018), and Bewogen (2019), all in Brussels. 

Leonie Kuipers (NL) is a visual artist, with a background in contemporary dance. She studied at Codarts (Rotterdam), A.PASS (Brussels), and the Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam).  Her interests revolve around fiction / non fiction, staging, the everyday life, institutional spaces and strategies of secretiveness. 

Thiago Antunes (BR) & Leonie Kuipers (NL): Taming The Eye

Leonie Kuipers (NL) and Thiago Antunes (BR) share the desire of questioning the set-up of a performance and how relations with the audience are constructed.

 Revolving around choreography and instructions, they aim to investigate the inner logic of an event. During the two weeks of residency at BUDA, the two artists will connect their practices by creating scores and making videos.

In residentie:
On tour: