Talia De Vries (IL/BE)

Talia De Vries, originally from Tel Aviv, currently based in Brussels. She graduated from the Research Studios pilot#2 program in P.A.R .T.S in 2016, and holds a B.A in Performing Arts from the University of Paris 8, which she obtained during her studies in CNDC of Angers, France in 2009/2011.

Since 2011, Talia has been developing her artistic work, mainly focused on notions such as time and duration. She worked and collaborated as well with artists such as Emmanuelle Huynh as a performer in the piece Augures (2012), Arkadi Zaides as an assistant in curating a one-time festival on the politics of sound in Israel and Palestine (2013) and Myriam Van Imschoot as an occasional participant in her YOUYOU project. Since 2016, she has been working closely with the artists Susanna Hood (CA) and Vicente Colomar (SP) on the projects Black Noise and Slow Lands.

Alongside her artistic work, Talia is also the co-artistic director of the ‘RoomDances’ Festival in Israel, directed by the artist Amos Hetz. And is working in the Israeli National Digital Collection project of the establishment of a digital archive for Israeli dance. 

Talia De Vries (IL/BE): Masquerade

Masquerade is a work about the time that exists between image and sound, between body and voice. There is an abyss between them. An endless space where everything can happen. Through the de-synchronization and the separation of the body from its voice, we reveal the obscure and dense space that exists between what we see and what we hear. 

photo: Patty Carroll

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