Superamas (AT/FR)

Since their first work Building (1999), SUPERAMAS have seen their task as taking on dance with materials from other areas of life. The group uses “untreated”, often unspectacular circumstances as well as readymades coming from everyday culture, and it treats those elements equally.
SUPERAMAS are especially interested in attributes developing from the combined presentation of materials and their newly derived connections. “Showing” here means “letting see”, “expose to view”. In the context of public performance, SUPERAMAS call their work “dé-montrer”, separating and dismantling that which in its original state presented a unit or entity. According to this concept, visible facts are questioned. Samples from films and cutting techniques are implemented in the artistic work.

Superamas (AT/FR): Vive l’Armée!

France is at war !
« Yes, France is at war with terrorism ». This is what Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France said before the French National Assembly on 13 January 2015, a few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris. 
Vive l’Armée ! But what army? The army of drones, ballistic missiles and special forces? Or the army of World War I, the army of trench warfare and mustard gas? After all, when France adores its army today, the country equally celebrates the army of yesteryear.
The army which from 1914 to 1918, saw 1.4 million casualties in its ranks and three times that number wounded.
What is the connection one can make between the soldiers of yesteryear and the soldiers of today? Between the conscripts drafted into the military and the professionals who join voluntarily?
The connection is the reason why they are deployed: to defend the country and the national interests of France. Although the army has undergone a radical change – from the incarnation of a nation in arms a century ago to a specialist force, a professional and permanent army, its raison d’être has remained the same: it is an instrument of national power epitomised.
The theatre of operation
Like other productions of the collectiveSuperamas, Vive l’Armée ! brings together a variety of art forms. Theatre, choreography, performance, music and cinema are woven into a epic and spectacular tapestry. A film on the silver screen; war on stage.
The mise-en-scène banks on the dialogue between the two media. Screen and stage respond to each other, repeat each other or contradict each other. The images on film provide a context for reality on stage. The bodies on stage flesh out the discourse on film. Their common language is sound which, from the actors’ voices to the music, moves from one to the other, comes from one to animate the other.

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