Sorour Darabi & Tarek Lakhrissi (IR/FR)

Sorour Darabi is a self-taught Iranian artist living and working in Paris. In 2016, s/he created Farci.e, a solo dealing in notions of language, gender identity and sexuality, at the Festival Montpellier Danse. Savušun (2018), an ode to affect, to vulnerability, and to beings who are affected, is inspired by the grieving ceremonies of the Muharram and deals in questions of emotions: grief, fear, and suffering.

Tarek Lakhrissi is a visual artist, poet and writer based in Paris. His works have been exhibited in Hayward Gallery (London, UK), FIAC (Paris, FR), Lafayette Anticipations (Paris, France), Artexte (Montreal, Canada), Wendy’s Subway (Brooklyn, US), Zabriskie (Geneva, CH). His work will be featured in the 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020).

Sorour Darabi & Tarek Lakhrissi (IR/FR): Mowgli

J'ai vu les yeux de ces fils de putes, de ces fils de pute
Devant le scié à bégayer (à bégayer, à bégayer, à bégayer)
Coup de crosse et encore, j'suis til-gen
De pas te jeter chez les oubliés (chez les oubliés, chez les oubliés)
Entre toi et moi, qui s'aime le plus?
Qui souffre le plus, le plus, le plus?
Le coeur niqué (le plus, le plus, le plus, le plus, le plus, le plus)
Élevé dans l'honneur du dit-ban dans tout Corbeil, hmm
Tu peux vérifier (tu peux vérifier, vérifier, vérifier)
PNL - “Mowgli II”

If the jungle is a book, what will it tell? The jungle is an infinite territory, in which the possible has another meaning, or perhaps none. Through which side of the jungle did they arrive to taste this dream? Each appearance is a wild experience. It is a playground for the self: dangerous, disturbing, embarrassing and exciting at the same time. This collaboration draws freely on storytelling, movement and voice, through Mowgli and the lyrics of Iranian singer Googoosh and French-rap-duo PNL.

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