Sophie Guisset (BE/DE)

Sophie Gusset is a Belgian dance maker and performer, born in Tournai and based in Berlin. After completing her education as an actress at the Royal Conservatory of Mons ( BE) , she took part to the Dance Intensive Program at Tanzfabrik Berlin in 2013. She has been working with Olga Tsvetkova, Fanny Brouyaux, Consolate Sipérieus,Enis Turan, Bérangère Jannelle, Natasza Gerlach and Phillip Urrutia. She is part of the GIN program in Garage 29 Bruxelles.

Sophie Guisset (BE/DE): VTC

VTC ( abbreviation for Vautour Tennis Club) is a collaboration between Sophie Guisset, performance maker, Fani Bihr, stage designer. VTC will investigate the physical and social interactions that take place in two spaces Sophie feels physically and emotionally connected to: the tennis field and the queer sex clubs' darkrooms. VTC will research the notions of games, rules and playfullness that take place in these two closed spaces.

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