Sophie Guisset (BE) & Olga Tsetkova (RU)

Sophie Guisset is an actress/performer, born in Tournai (BE) and living in Berlin. After studying theater in “Conservatoire Royal of Mons”, Belgium, she moved to Berlin, to take part to the contemporary dance program “Dance Intensive” in Tanzfabrik Berlin. Since she moved to Berlin she's making her own artistic works, and has collaborated with Janine Iten, Enis Turan, Fanny Brouyaux and Olga Tsvetkova. 

Olga Tsvetkova (born in Russia) graduated in Choreography from School for New Dance Development (SNDO), Amsterdam University of the Arts. During her studies she participated in the performances by Debora Hey (USA) and Benoit Lachambre (Canada) while also continued working on her own projects.  In 2012 together with Estonian choreographer Alissa Šnaider and Dutch composer Renzo Van Steenbergen she started her own project Recollective, the area of interpenetration of such disciplines like choreography, theatre, cinematography and sound landscape. In the present time she is a student of master program DAS theatre (DASARTS) at Amsterdam University of the Arts.

Sophie Guisset (BE) & Olga Tsetkova (RU): Bond Apart

Their main research in this work was connected with notion of facelessness, with an idea of “same and other”, the constant balance between human and nonhuman. Duplicating, doubling, and dividing: of sequences, images, utterances of always same and other - of never becoming "subjects“. There is no natural body, there is only constructed body.

The piece develops itself from abstract form of animalistic body towards concrete human emotions that are being communicated through the movement and the sound. In this work we explore the idea of being one and two at the same time, the appearance of “same and other”. 

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