Simone Basani (IT/BE)

During his studies at the Community Drama Centre – CRT (Milano) and IUAV University (Venice, the Italian Simone Basani (°’89) started to develop his personal methodology to produce public art projects.

Nowadays  he focuses in particular on collective realisations of public services that are not requested and not helpful (according the common perception of ‘utility’), but rather responding to human's demand of socialization, self-representation and personal/collective narration of the world/s. 

Each project is possible only in collaboration with a team of local authors and performers. His latest project is NittyGritty (2014-15), a queer and itinerant strip-club conceived for Venice and managed by local students, activists, journalists and non professional strippers.

Simone Basani (IT/BE): Encyclopedie voor Kortrijk

Een Encyclopedie voor Kortrijk / Une Encyclopédie pour Courtrai / An Encyclopedia for Kortrijk is  a site-specific community project which aims to collect entries regarding the city life itself from points of view commonly considered as marginal: the ‘exilés'.

A heterogeneous sterrenwacht group (working title) is called to compose a performative and interdisciplinary encyclopedia. Members of the sterrenwacht are persons who in different ways know the condition of being exiled or more precisely of the exiliance.

The practice of selecting one by one  the main entries of an open Kortrijk Encyclopedia (and , letting everyone "read" them) could be a real chance to make the daily city life more aware of its own rhythm and cultural lexicon.

Each entry is meant to correspond to a public event.

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