Simon Van Schuylenbergh (BE)

Simon Van Schuylenbergh is masterstudent Drama at KASK / School of Arts (Ghent). He regularly collaborates with Siska Baeck, creating performances that pair physicality and language en use the space as a meeting place for intimate relations. During a year, he did research with Linde Carrijn and Maxim Storms on what an archive can mean for a performing artist. They labelled their workplace Schouwburg (theatre hall) and organised montly showings. Now Simon has got his own studio in Ghent and – under the name of homeworks – invites an artist every two months to help him find a presentatiion format for his ‘dramatic archive’. But he also creates his own performances. In May 2015 he presented a first but intriguing draft of Zebra. It grew from the desire to create a solo in which he could connect on stage with an object ‘outside of him’. A ‘duet with a thing’, so to speak. The thing turned out to be a zebra in papier-mâché. And that zebra became the name for a long-running artistic process with many informal showings and different zebra’s. 

Simon Van Schuylenbergh (BE) / KASK: Zebra

Simon is now developing Zebra as his final student-project. 

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