Sidney Leoni (FR/SE/BE)

Sidney Leoni work as a choreographer, dancer and filmmaker between Sweden, Belgium and France. His multidisciplinary stage and film projects explore the field of the ‘immersive’ and the ‘experiential’, in which he puts particular interest in the potential of sensory and imaginary perception of the audience. Leoni’s latest fiction feature film, entitled Under Influence, starring Halla Ólafsdóttir and Christine de Smedt, portrays the mysterious and psychotic journey of an actress during the shooting of a motion picture entitled Being Kate Winslet.

Sidney Leoni (SE/BE): FLY

FLY that is centered on the life and the work of Russian ballet dancer & choreographer Vaslav Nijinski (played by Elias Girod), whom we meet together with the Ballets Russes in Paris in early 1920’s; and later on in Los Angeles, in 1983, for the making of a film about himself, co-starring American actress Gena Rowlands as his wife (played by Halla Ólafsdóttir), and with Gena’s husband, film director John Cassevetes behind the camera. FLY is an invitation into a world of feeling, desire, exploration, transmission and fantasy, where all circulates from a body to another, from an art form to another, and where artists of the past come together, and testify what they leave to Humanity: a search for human love: visceral, spiritual, timeless.

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