Sarah Vanhee (BE)

Sarah Vanhee's artistic practice is linked to performance, visual art and literature. It uses different formats and is often (re)created in situ, with projects occurring in living rooms, a prison, during business meetings, in the park, …

She’s a regular guest at BUDA Kortrijk, a.o. with The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas (an auction on left-over ideas), Turning Turning (a choreografphy of thougts),  Lecture For Every One (a lecture she gave, unwanted, in different contextst) and on NEXT festival with Oblivion  (a performance with and about the garbage she kept during one year…).

Her work has been presented in arts centres musea, galleries and on festivals in a.o. the Netherlands, France, Austria, England, Germany and Turkey.

Sarah Vanhee (BE): On Justice

3min41sec “For justice, we must go to Don Corleone” says the guy who begs The Godfather to murder the rapists of his daughter. Followed by a dense conversation on honour, respect, friendship and loyalty. This is a clear call “to do justice”, though not in the official legal sense of the word. How does justice relate to justice: the self-felt sense of justice versus justice as a formal legal system that is supposed to safeguard “justness” in society at large?

For her research on justice, Sarah Vanhee, consults a board of experts who are confronted with the friction between these two types of justice on a daily basis: a group of long term detainees who were all actively part of an underworld, but were all judged by the norms and rules of the dominant order. They are judged by society and they judge themselves and others. She uses film both as a fictional object and as medium to open a dialogue on criminality as a viable way of living today, on the image of the criminal in mainstream imagery, on a potential restorative kind of justice.

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