Sarah Bostoen (BE)

Sarah Bostoen creates her work under the name of compagnie Monica. She chooses to start from the daily and recognizable human emotions and the continuous search of the human being. 
She studied Dance theatre at Fontys Dance academy in Tilburg (NL). As a dancer, she collaborated with different choreographers and theatredirectors (a.o. United Cowboys NL). Next to performing, she creates her own work.

(picture ©Tuur Uyttenhove)

Sarah Bostoen (BE): Poetic Machine

Poetic Machine is the title of the second full- lenght performance of compagnie Monica. For this production, choreographer Sarah Bostoen started from the concepts of power and shame, and more specifically the power, or lack of power, of our brain. Dancer Esse Vanderbruggen enters a continuous dialogue, collaboration or battle with her alter ego- a shadow looking on like a gothic gargoyle, calling into question any sense of time and space.
The stage is clinically white. The fragmented dance- language unobtrusively makes itself understood, like thoughts imposing themselves on us in our dreams.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." (Oscar Wilde)

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