Sara Manente (IT) & Marcos Simoes (PT)

Sara Manente is Italian, Marcos Simões is Portuguese, both live in Brussels. Since 2004, they share their artistic research using different idioms: dance, cinema, performance, drawing, text. For several years, they have been working on a series of performances based on "extra sensory perception" practices, such as prediction, clairvoyance and telepathy, in Europe and South Korea.

Sara Manente (IT) & Marcos Simoes (PT): Lava

Lava has different composition, temperature, viscosity and behavior. It alters the environment, produces unexpected changes and sometimes fill in gaps working as a negative force. It is the inside out. There is something uncontrollable and fearsome about it while being an attraction. It is one thing that can be almost everywhere. It appears as an eruption and then it expands and flows. It is a state and a matter.”

Manente and Simoes craft their own language sewing together different materials: textile, literary, graphic and choreographic. They create a space which functions like a rebus and has no center.
“For our new duo, we work with the ideas of the parallel, the idiotic and the third. Lava is a metaphor for “the third”, a thing that emerges in the in between. The parallel is a time. The idiotic is a mood. 

The duo is in BUDA to re-work on LAVA. 

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