Sara Manente (IT/BE)

Choreographer / performaner Sara Manente is born in Italy, but based in Belgium. She began practising ballet at an early age, graduated in media and communication in Bologna and completed the post-graduate in Performing Arts A.pass in Antwerp. Since 2004 she has been making performances, videos and research projects of her own and in collaboration, namely with a.o. Marcos Simoes, Ondine Cloez, Alessandra Bergamaschi, Hwang Kim and the members of Cabra, that she co-founded. Since 2009 she has been working on stage for Juan Dominguez, Kate McIntosh, Aitana Cordero Vico, Jaime Llopis, Nada Gambier and Gaëtan Bulourde.

Her creations include, among others: Democratic forest (research project and workshops, 2008-9), To park (performance installation, 2008-2010), Some performances (video, 2008), Lawaai means Hawaai (trio after two previous projects on noise and dance, 2009), Grand Tourists (experimental in-situ project, 2010), Not not a lecture (lecture performance and publication, 2011), Faire un four (quartet on the making of 4 similar and 4 different, 2011), x: I liked B better/ y: I am 29 too (telepathic experiment between North and South Korea, 2013), This place (a series of performances based on ESP and tarot reading with seven different artistic couples, 2012-2014), Rita (video and performance of a joint Cabra project, 2014) and Spectacles #3 (a dance to read, 2014). In June 2016 she premiered in collaboration with Marcos Simoes the stage piece LAVA. And at the first edition of End of Winter festival (2018) she presented Spectacles#4.

Sara Manente (IT/BE): Spectacles

She’s been working and presenting at BUDA Kortrijk for several years now. In march 16, Sara initiated a new research project: Spectacles, that is coming to an end now. Spectacles is a long-term research aiming to restore the strange relation between dance and language. Spectacles are written texts, interviews and 3D films questioning: What are the limits of language for speaking about aesthetic experience? How are we to talk about dance? Which language performs a choreography? At Buda Vista #10 Sara will present Spectacle #3 en Spectacle #1, both dance pieces to be heard in group or to be read on your own…

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Sara Manente (IT/BE): Wicked Technologies/Wild Fermentation 25.03.2019 - 31.03.2019 Budatoren
Sara Manente (IT/BE): Wicked Technologies/Wild Fermentation 13.05.2019 - 25.05.2019 Budatoren