Sara Manente (IT/BE)

Sara Manente is a performance artist, choreographer and researcher living in Brussels. She graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Bologna in 2003, finished the  advanced research program in performance studies in a.pass in 2008 and was part of a.pass Research Center Cycle 1 in 2019. Coming from a dance practice that started with ballet in her childhood, her work comes out in hybrid forms: book launch, 3Dfilm, written text, interview, choreographic piece, workshop, telepathic experience, collaboration.

Picture © Susanna Hofer

Sara Manente (IT/BE): MOLD

A hollow container which gives shape to something but also a furry type of fungus constituting a network of connections by producing spores: MOLD has two meanings. Container and network are two possible images of the body and entail two different modes of creation: plasticity and contamination. MOLD (working title) is a way to work with bodies and their (im)materiality: both the discourse and the flesh.

Picture © Sara Leghissa
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