Sabine Macher (DE/FR) Mélanie Mesager (FR/LU) Jérôme Mauche (FR)

Sabine Macher was born in six-year-old West Germany, a country that has vanished. She left it for France, where she writes, translates, dances and takes small photographs. Her work is triggered by observation, description and synesthetic close up, as well as attracted to immanence and its forms.

Mélanie Mesager is a dancer, choreographer and scholar in the field of medieval linguistics and dance, attentive to the relationship between mouvement and verbal language. She recently obtained a PhD from the University Paris 8 on the topic of conversation as a choreographic practise.

Jérôme Mauche is a writer, poet, performer, curator and teacher. As part of his eclectic approach, he focuses on transfers of techniques from the contemporary art field towards literature, on the relationship between randomness and humor, and on intermediate forms of speech, written and spoken.

Sabine Macher (DE/FR) Mélanie Mesager (FR/LU) Jérôme Mauche (FR): Higaki, the old woman dancing

Higaki, the old woman dancing shakes a 'Noh' theater piece to shield and evoke in one movement the grace of unyouthfulness. But we don’t want to talk about that, do we ? We just want to spend time in Buda and see what happens with who’s hanging around, dancing for old women and our ghosts, whatever that takes and dissolves.

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