Rotterdam Presenta (DE)

Rotterdam Presenta is a Performance Platform that is run by choreographer Jan Rohwedder and performance artist Stine Hertel. The platform is based on the collaboration between artists, researchers and technicians from various disciplines. It focuses on longtermresearch projects and uses the moment of presentation as a moment of a shared questioning. This time, the work is embedded in a larger Installation set-up, the “Aerobic Life Institute”, a care taking institution comforting oxygen depending entities.

Rotterdam Presenta (DE): Gravity Piece

Gravity Piece is part of a research on power relations between human and other bodies in different contexts. In this work choreography is understood as a spatial ordering system that provides the possibility to look at found processes from very different viewpoints. This new work meditates on gravity as an anarchic ordering system that makes things fall into a specific place. Rotterdam Presenta assembles round objects, folds, light body limbs and explosive sounds that follow an own doctrine.

Watch a teaser here.

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