R’m Aharoni (BE): Ambush

After his remarkable student’s project And Who Wants Peace? (in which he carried out a speech of the artist Eric Gill on the entanglement of industrial war, artistic creation and money making), he now – for the first time at BUDA – works on his new creation AMBUSH.

R’m: “AMBUSH is a documentary theater piece following four activists and their public addresses, which were held between the years 1863 and 2012. Though each of them is set in a different point in time and though they are spread across three continents, they all share a similar perspective on ‘power.’ In their addresses they condemn the exercise of power and its ultimate render as abusive; they bring their personal stories in relation to political historical happenings; and they test their relationships with their audience – being trapped in a black box and surrounded by cameras – hence, also testing their persona and the possible manipulation to exist ‘in front of’– and ‘backstage of–“.

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