Rémy Héritier (FR)

Rémy Héritier (°77) lives and works in Paris and Lille. Since 1999 he has been performing or collaborating with artists such as Philipp Gehmacher, Mathilde Monnier, Jennifer Lacey, Loïc Touzé, Laurent Pichaud… and since 2005 he has created his own pieces. His work has been shown in a.o. Pompidou Parijs, Montpellier Dance, TanzQuartier Wenen, Pact Zollverein-Essen and in US.

In 2013 he was in residency at Palais de Tokyo  Paris and awarded an IASPIS Grant (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee).

He worked at BUDA before; for Percée Persée, that premiered on 24.01.14 at Budascoop, in the frame of Vivat La Dance.

Rémy Héritier (FR): Here, then

Now he’s creating Here, then. Rémy and visual artist Marcelline Delbecq apply the principle of Camera Obscura to dance. Five dancers move behind a black curtain while you see their live projection in the forefront – in an analogue way, there is nothing digital about this ! The dancers also frequently come to the forefront so that an interesting dialogue arises between the two levels of depth. The voice over texts suggest all sorts of new meanings.

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