Raquel André (PT)

The Portuguese Raquel André studied Theater at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon and is holding a Master in Performing Arts (University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). She worked with several Portuguese directors and artists, assisted curators and has been doing research about collecting what is impossible to collect.  She’s supported by the European network APAP (in which BUDA is a partner) and will be working for the first time at BUDA Kortrijk.

Raquel André (PT): Collection of Collectors

At this moment, Raquel is collecting people. After her Collection of Lovers (2015) she’s now, assisted by actor Bernardo de Almeida and video-artist Diogo Lima, developping Collection of Collectors. In Kortrijk she’ll expand her collection with 3 collectors. She’ll interview them. On how it is like to be a collector. If it’s okay to collect them. About the memories that stick to the objects they collect…

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