Puce Moment (FR)

Nicolas Devos and Pénélope Michel, founders of the French electropop-band Cerceuil collaborate for more than 10 years on visual and musical productions under the name of Puce Moment. Their visual and sensitive approach results in performances which invite the audience to relate to music, image and story. They composed soundtracks for fiction movies, documentaries and cine-concerts, and tour intensively since 2012 through Europe with a reworked and live performed soundtrack of David Lynch’s cult movie Eraserhead. They regularly work for theatre (Anne Monfort, Florence Evrard) and made different compositions voor choreagraphers such as Christian Rizzo and Mylène Benoit.

Puce Moment (FR): Crumbling Land

Puce Moment is now for the first time in residency at the BUDA-studio’s to create Crumbling Land, a performance with 2 singers and 2 musicians and solar light taking a central place. Measurements from a laboratory in Finland on solar winds in contact with the magnetic field of the Earth are getting converted in real-time into visuals and sound… 

In residentie:
On tour: