Philippine Hoegen & Lilia Mestre & Kristien Van den Brande & Derk Byvanck

Philippine Hoegen is a visual artist with a performative practice on versioning, the apparatuses and processes we use to create version of ourselves and what that means for our understanding of 'self'. Performance is explicitly approached and activated as a research strategy: a way of thinking through doing.

Lilia Mestre is a performing artist, researcher and currently artistic coordinator of a.pass in Brussels. She is interested in art practice as a medial tool between several domains of semiotical existence, and is developing a research on scores - Scorescapes - as a possible radical pedagogy tool.

Kristien Van den Brande is an independent writer, editor, dramaturge and researcher in Brussels with an ongoing interest in the (im)materiality, image and performativity of writing. She engages with a range of disciplines including literature, performance, expanded publishing, urbanism and sexuality.

Derk Byvanck studied and practiced commercial and human rights law, worked in a prison, was Greenpeace Campaign Director in the Middle East and an Oxfam private sector and climate specialist based in Beijing. Derk has written two novels (not yet published), and now lives and works in Brussels.

Philippine Hoegen & Lilia Mestre & Kristien Van den Brande & Derk Byvanck: Hey You!

"In normal circumstances, there would have been a performance. There would have been an audience, a stage, lights would go on, action... But we have been stopped in our tracks. "

Hey You! is the metaphoric scene Althusser* used to discuss the call of authority - the policeman -  to the subject - a person in the street. The person stops short, turns to respond. Called into self-scrutiny: "what did I do?", acute self-awareness: "how am I perceived, what am I doing, what does my body, my presence, announce?" and a quick assessment of the other: "who is that who is seeing me?" This internal commotion is undergone in stasis: stopped in their tracks they stand stock still.

"We will take the opportunity of the residency at Buda to stay with the stasis, the order to which we have been called in Corona times. We - 2 performers and 2 writers - will explore through performative strategies, writing, speaking and broadcasting, how to understand what 'Hey You!' means for us now in the realm of performance, publishing and the theatrical space."

* Louis Althusser, French philosopher, 1918-1990
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