Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor & guests (FR)

Pauline L. Boulba is an artist and dance researcher based in Paris, France. Her work aims to bring a queer and feminist perspective on dance history. Her interest for the historical and contemporary battles of queer communities, and more widely for those of minorities and the oral repertoires of political struggles, have brought her to combine academic and popular knowledge, movement analysis and rap, fiction and documentary formats. She met Aminata Labor in 2016. Together they sing in the amateurrrr rap band la flemme. They co-produce L’eau à la butch, a radio show which shares LGBTQI+ thoughts on art and life, which airs on Radio Galoche.

Pauline L. Boulba, Aminata Labor & guests (FR):  J. J.

J. J. (performance) sheds contemporary light on Jill Johnston’s life and work (1929-2010). She was a dancer, a dance critic and a radical lesbian in the USA. The piece convenes ways of speech, gestures and movements found in drag practices in order to move past the biographical aspect of the project and bring to light the presence (and absence) of dance critics and lesbian feminists in choreography.  A pretext to speak of the dance critic’s place in the world today, that of the queer and LGBTQI+ artworkers. Working on J. J., Pauline, Aminata & guests convene DIY methods developed by artistic avant-gardes and feminist collectives from the 60s and 70s for documenting and creating their own archives. In BUDA, they will have a technical residency to experience space, light and sound. 

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