Nora Ramakers (NL/BE)

Nora Ramakers is an interdisciplinary maker, performer and director with a fascination for embodied ecology and permaculture. From a desire to reveal the erotic essence of nature, she creates works that appeal to our ability to forge new connections with both human beings and non-human beings. Deep in the mud, she loves to dig for a fertile soil that empowers and heals the inexhaustible dance between all sultry forms of life. Ecosexuality, feminism and spiritual emancipation are ongoing themes in her work.

Nora Ramakers and Luca Bryssinck (NL/BE) - I LOVE NATURE

For I LOVE NATURE, Nora Ramakers and Luca Bryssinck research the potency of ecosexuality as a form of resistance. Bryssinck bangs head first with her flute through conventional walls to mend her physical connection with nature. Inspired by the lyrical resistance of Patti Smith and the ecosexual wedding performances of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, she ventures into a provocative spectacle in which she lets her ecosexual desire run free.

Photo: © Luca Bryssinck

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