Nada Gambier (FI) & Mark Etchells (UK)

Nada Gambier’s work navigates between theatre, dance, performance and the visual arts. The non-spectacular, the absurd and an ongoing desire to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary life belong to her most known trademarks as an artist. In 2015 Nada founded Nada & Co. that today produces most of her activities. The company is based in Brussels, Belgium. 

Mark Etchells has a colourful CV that includes fish farming, teaching English, building dry stone walls and ponds…and performing and writing. He is based in Devon in the UK. 

Nada and Mark have been working together since 2014. This year they presented their fifth creation together, Time in Titles, a series of writings exhibited on Örö island in Finland over the summer. 

Nada Gambier (FI) & Mark Etchells (UK): True Fiction (working title)

In September Nada and Mark will work at Buda on a new research project that revolves around how reality merges with fiction, abstraction and imagination in artistic practices. The research is initiated by Nada and will continue over the course of 2022. In this time she will engage in conversation with several artists as well as delve into her own practice in order to develop material for coming creations. 

research is supported by Buda, workspacebrussels and a.pass
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