N.E.S.H.A.A. wants to deal consciously with references and considers it important to share the sources that have been an inspiration during the creation process. Through the platform of arts centre BUDA we are happy to share the article “How to build a nuclear warning for 10,000 years’ time” from Mark Piesing about underground nuclear waste that will be toxic for years to come. When tunnels and caverns designed for the most dangerous waste are full, they will be sealed with concrete and earth, all traces will be erased. How do you build a warning, a message for that danger now, that can be understood in the distant future?

At the centre of the world there is a fiction, a story as a hole to let the future in.

N.E.S.H.A.A.'s story for the future is a curse poem: it curses, calls out emotions, looks to the past, denounces what went wrong and directs its gaze to the future. What kind of story wants to be told today? What protagonists, human and non-human, will emerge?

Not Every Ship Has An Author (N.E.S.H.A.A.) is a collaboration between artists Femke Gyselinck, Melissa Mabesoone and Peter Aers, in dialogue with historian Obiozo Ukpabi. Within the framework of A CURSE POEM, they will be aligning their practices, thereby straddling the borders of performance, poetry and participation.

N.E.S.H.A.A. challenges the preconception that a story originates from one author and that we can own stories which are being shared through time and minds. During the research process of A CURSE POEM, more researchers, artists, poets and storytellers from the past and present are involved and sources are shared.

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A CURSE POEM is a collaboration with Building Conversation and is supported by arts centres Vooruit, KAAP, BUDA, workspacebrussels, the Østfold Internasjonale Teater and the Flemish Community.
With and by Peter Aers, Femke Gyselinck, Melissa Mabesoone, Obiozo Ukpabi, Bart Capelle, Eimi Leggett, Laureline Pattyn, Famke Dhont.
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