Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE)

Myriam Pruvot is an artist, composer, performer and researcher. She's graduated of Fine Arts, she also trained in improvisation, vocal techniques and sound creation. If her approach borrows many media, it is nevertheless always innervated by the question of song, language and places. She is particularly interested in the political, philosophical and poetic dimensions of these objects. 

Foto (c): Julie Calbert

Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE) - A modest opera (working title)

A modest opera (working title) is a hybrid musical fiction for stage and radio in which literature, song, experimental music and sound installation intermingle. Audience and performers have the same cognitive experience: the disappearance of seeing. This infirmity is at the center of this story. In five acts that oscillate between abstraction and song, an original enigma is revealed: where have things become? To the narrative instances is added another "voice", that of the landscape, to broaden this notion of people and orchestra to all the entities present. During this creative residency, it will be a question of investigating the term "minor" as a musical mode, adjective or social position. Then of continuing the writing and interpretation of the radio score in interweaving the different registers that compose it: choral singing, storytelling, sound poetry, field recording. A modest opera follows on from Myriam Pruvot's research on language, sung narrative, sonic archeology, prophetic visions and the impact of places.

Foto (c): Julie Calbert
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