Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE)

Myriam Pruvot studied Fine Arts in France and is a self-taught musician and sound artist. She now lives and works in Brussels. She recently worked as a sound composer and performer for contemporary dance. Voice, language and places are her main exploration fields. She met Céline Cartillier, playwright, choreographer and interpret, in Prototype ll, a research program for choreographic composition at the Royaumont’s Abbaye. They decided to continue as a duo, in order to imagine common shapes: piece, performance, workshop or publication. In their large curiosity pot: literature, gesture, tenderness, popular expression, semiology, childhood, world destiny, feminism and nervous side road.

Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE): A Fortune Remedy

They are in residency at arts centre BUDA for the first time now. They’ll be working on A Fortune Remedy (la parole chanceuse), a «magical process» through two kind of scores: a gesture score (as a «metalanguage» which moves throughout body and hands) and a vocal score (composed of speech, texts, cut-up, thoughts and songs).

How does a certain use of speech act on reality ? And how to tell what is unspeakable?
Should a speech be a weapon ? Which narrative strategies are at work in orality ?

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