Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE)

Myriam Pruvot is an artist, composer, performer and researcher. She's graduated of Fine Arts, she also trained in improvisation, vocal techniques and sound creation. If her approach borrows many media, it is nevertheless always innervated by the question of song, language and places. She is particularly interested in the political, philosophical and poetic dimensions of these objects. 

Foto (c): Julie Calbert

Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE): A Fortune Remedy

They are in residency at arts centre BUDA for the first time now. They’ll be working on A Fortune Remedy (la parole chanceuse), a «magical process» through two kind of scores: a gesture score (as a «metalanguage» which moves throughout body and hands) and a vocal score (composed of speech, texts, cut-up, thoughts and songs).

How does a certain use of speech act on reality ? And how to tell what is unspeakable?
Should a speech be a weapon ? Which narrative strategies are at work in orality ?

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Myriam Pruvot (FR/BE) - A modest opera (working title) 15.03.2021 - 27.03.2021 Budascoop