Monga, Lska & Jenna (IT)

The Italian dancer and choreographer Camilla Monga studied theatre and Fine Arts in Milano and postgraduated from Research Studios at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Since 2012 Camilla has been collaborating with the musician Luca Lska, experimenting with sound art to create audiovisual performances.
Luca Lska writes and composes music for theatre, dance and video throughout Italy and performs as a musician with various ensembles all over Europe. He studied jazz and in his work often combines improvisation with his passion for computer science and technology. In 2016 he was selected by IRCAM Paris to be part of Manifesto.
In 2015 Camilla and Luca collaborated for the time with the Italian choreographer, dancer and visual artist Jacopo Jenna to present Quartetto per Oggetti at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, CND/Camping in Paris and during the Biennale Danza di Venezia 2016.
Their artistic collaboration also functions as an international exchange, circulating their research in a wider network of different artistic organizations.

Monga, Lska & Jenna (IT):  Concrete

Monga, Lska & Jenna are in residency at BUDA for the first time. They’ll be working on their project Concrete, looking for new ways to articulate ‘choreography’ as an art of pure form and color-in-motion. Concrete seeks to deepen our understanding of (the relevance of) avant-garde, to translate our daily universe into pure movement, color and form and to transform these into a sparkling choreography.

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