Katja Dreyer (DE/BE)

The German theatredirector Katja Dreyer studied at the Utrecht School of the Arts. She worked with a.o. Ivanna Müller, Davis Freeman, Kate McIntosh, Myrjam Van Imschoot and Lotte van den Berg. In her theatrework, Katja tries to understand history through personal stories. 

That was also the case in her previous piece Kroniek (2013), a performance focusing on the 100 years of German history through a personal journey through facts and fictions. Kroniek was coproduced by and presented at BUDA.

Katja Dreyer (BE/DE): Moedertaal/mothertongue - Wer bin ich in einer anderen Sprache

Katja Dreyer will dive into her reserach about mother tongues, language shaped identities, ideologically shaped languages, the importance of life with a perspective in the time frame of the Prague Spring 1968 and its aftermaths.She is researching the lives, choices and destinies of three characters from this time. Alexander Dubcek, head of state of Tschechoslowakia in 1968, Jan Pallach student and  TORCH nr 1, that sacrficed his life to shake up the nation out of its apathy in 1969, and her mother Maria Danizova who left her country to look for place where a life without fear was an option.

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Katja Dreyer (DE/BE): Ophelia comes to Brooklyn - The Aunt Project 29.01.2018 - 22.02.2018 Budatoren