Miriam Jakob (DE): In The Shadow Of Man (working title)

During her (first) residency at BUDA, she will investigate on the adaptability of Robert Bressons camera techniques described in his book to a performative setting. Her research for the future performance In The Shadow Of Man (working title) focuses on gorillas in captivity and narrations of humans who have a special connection to our hairy cousins.

Together with Varinia Canto Vila (dance/performance), Felix Classen (sound/dramaturgy) and Daniel Kötter (Video), Miriam will work with deconstruction and re-assembly of narrative elements, movement, video and audio. The gaze of the camera is linked to the gaze of the animals, especially in the films of Bresson. Descriptions of releationships between humans and apes will be used as a source for an experimental installative narration about difference and equality.

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